Bisou is the world’s first digitally customizable necklace & magnet. It allows you to upload and choose from numerous designs through the Bisou app and wear them on your pendant, which has an outstanding round AMOLED display. It has been created for those who like to be out, the total extroverts. Bisou will become a part of your everyday life in the likes of Kreuzberg, Karaköy or Harajuku.

It will be with you when you kiss, when you eat, when you chat and when you drink with that guy/girl. It will NOT block your everyday life, it will be a cute company. Bisou is the new way generation Y will express themselves.


We are an art/technology enthusiast startup from Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey is quite an interesting geography, some call it Middle Eastern, some call it European. Neither the world nor the Turks can decide, historically.

We call it Anatolian. That means, Western and Eastern enough to inspire a product like Bisou. We are living in one of the most fascinating cities this planet has to offer, Istanbul, and man oh man, is it loud and expressive. We are Mediterranean by nature, we show emotions. We honk for no reason. We laugh and we scream. We pour on the streets when we need to protest, we swear a lot while watching games. We express a lot. See? It was inevitable a beauty like Bisou would come out from this city.

Güney Kose

Berk Car

Orkun Asa

Sezgin Kır


Bisou was founded on what the team has established their relationship on. Sincerity.

From day 1, we wanted Bisou to be an instrument to help express yourself, to be a good company when you need one and a great toy for your bored times.

We chose the name ‘Bisou’ exactly for this reason. It means ‘kiss’ in French. After all, what can be more sincere than a ‘kiss’?

Team vision & User first focus

Some of the decisions we had to make during our R&D were made as a result of lasting arguments which were related to user experience.

We created Bisou firstly because ‘we’ wanted to wear it. Our imagination was vivid with it so it is a dream come true now that it is born however, some of its features have been shaped with the fruitful feedbacks of our fans. We like it this way, we aim to keep it.